Can You Fix Appliances Yourself?


As much as we love seeing our customers, we hate charging for simple issues that can be easily solved. Below is a list of common problems with simple solutions so you can fix appliances yourself, as well as preventive maintenance practices to lengthen the life of your appliances. These are just a few things to check before scheduling a service call.

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dishwasherPreventive Maintenance
It is a good idea to run your dishwasher at least once every other week. This flushes out the system, the water won’t get stale, and the circulation pump will stay lubricated. Use white vinegar and run it through a cycle to get rid of any hard water build up.

Common Problems

Dishes aren’t getting clean or have a white film: Chances are there is nothing wrong with your dishwasher and it’s most likely the hard water in this beautiful place we all live. Take a coffee cup and fill in 3/4 of the way with white vinegar and place it in the bottom rack. You can do this with dishes in the unit and they will come out looking brand new.
Standing water in the bottom: All dishwashers are made with some sort of filter in the bottom to catch chunks of food. It is always a good idea to rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Check the filter for foreign objects and see if that doesn’t help all of the water drain out.

Washing Machines

washerPreventive Maintenance
If you have a front-loading washing machine and you have the option to check the drain pump filter for foreign objects, do it. Everyone leaves the occasional pocket change in their jeans, which can cause a big headache if it gets into the drain pump. Leave the door of a front-loading machines cracked open when it is not in use: the water in the bottom will encourage mildew if the door is closed for a long period of time. Unfortunately, there isn’t much maintenance customers can conduct on their top-loading washers besides keeping them clean.

Common Problems

Washer is shaking a lot on the spin cycle: One possible solution is that the washer was unable to balance the load which happens more often then most people would think. Another possibility is that the nuts on the feet are not tight up against the frame of the washer. If the problem still continues give us a call and we will set up an appointment.
Standing water in tub of washer: If your washer has a filter for the drain pump then it is important to check for foreign objects like socks and underwear as well as a build of change and bobby pins.


dryerPreventive Maintenance
Clean lint filter before each use and have Your dryer duct cleaned once a year. This enables a good consistent drying quality as well as reduces fire risk.
Common Problems

Dryer is heating, but clothes aren’t getting dry: The number one reason the dryer isn’t drying clothes is not because of the dryer, but because of the venting. If the dryer vent is smashed, kinked, or clogged, and the air is getting trapped inside the dryer and heat isn’t able to leave the drum of the dryer. One other possibility is the venting is too long for the dryer.




rangePreventive Maintenance
One general rule of thumb for ranges is that the cleaner they are the better they work. Do not use oven cleaner on cook top burners. It can clog the holes on the burner and may result in trouble igniting as well as poor flame quality. Do not self clean an oven with oven cleaner inside of it. Do not self clean your oven with the racks in it. It will turn them a tarnished blue color. If you want to clean your oven racks use a product called Carbona. It is available at Ace Hardware. Only clean your oven once a year. There must be stuff inside of it to clean or else we will be out there pretty often replacing thermal fuses on the oven.
Common Problems

Burners will not stop clicking: A lot times people will get the igniters wet when cleaning the cooktop and this will cause them to click continuously. If you remove power from the range for a few days they will dry and most of the time everything will return to normal.
Burner will not ignite: Sometimes the burner igniters will get a film over them and can cause them to not spark. If you have sand paper you can use that on the metal part of the igniter and see if it doesn’t start sparking afterward.

Built-In Refrigerators

refrigeratorPreventive Maintenance
Clean the condenser every six months. This will ensure proper cooling of the refrigerator and freezer. Change your water filter via your user manual.
Common Problems

Refrigerator or freezer isn’t cooling: The main cause of a refrigerator or freezer not cooling is dirty condensing coils. If there is a thick layer of dust on the fins of the condenser then the compressor and condenser are not getting proper air flow and the system is running hot. They can be cleaned with a vacuum, wet paper towel, or a soft bristle brush.